Enhanceable Books

This is our latest exciting project
Fine examples of vintage deluxe children's books are often priced beyond the pocket of most people, with some sort after volumes changing hands for over thousands. Even for a publisher to try and recreate something similar today would be prohibitively expense, mostly because of labour costs.

So using the power of self publishing we have produced a book that can be enhanced with a number of techniques that you can find on this website, with more added every week. From how to stencil covers to "Tipping in " colour plates, using stamps to add illustrations and much more.

Here is a chance to create a truly unique, (or even a limited edition run!) to rival those rare and highly collected books. Create a wonderful keepsakes to hand down in your family, a unique gift or even a desirable collectible to sell. Using the techniques on this website you can transfom this book into a deluxe, one of a kind edition. A real Fairytale Gem!

The link is below :

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