Pen De’Grof

I illuminate silenced voices, excavate lost narratives, and reimagine landscapes through the lens of forgotten struggles.

My art is a reclamation project. It pries open the cracks in history, where the stories of the marginalized, the exploited, and the silenced whisper in the shadows. These whispers, often obscured by the narratives of the powerful, deserve to be amplified, brought to light, and woven into the very fabric of our understanding of the past.

I am not interested in mere documentation; I am a conjurer. I breathe life into forgotten faces, give voice to muted cries, and resurrect scenes that the ruling class has deemed inconvenient or undesirable. My brushstrokes are tools of excavation, unearthing truths buried under layers of privilege and distortion.

My canvases are not passive windows; they are portals to forgotten worlds. They invite you to step into the cobbled streets where labourers toiled unseen, to peer into the windows of homes ripped away by Enclosure Acts, and to feel the sting of injustice alongside those who faced its bitter reality.

I am not a preacher; I am a mirror. I hold up a reflection of the grand estates, and the opulent landscapes, and whisper, “Look again. See the seams, the cracks, and the whispers of struggle woven into the very fabric of your prosperity.” My art seeks not to blame, but to illuminate, to challenge us to see the interconnectedness of history, the shadows cast by past injustices that stretch into our present.

My mission is not simply to remember; it is to reclaim. I aspire to create a tapestry of history where the silenced threads are no longer relegated to the fringes but are woven into the core of our shared narrative. It is a tapestry where the faces of the forgotten become landmarks on the map of time, their stories echoes that reverberate through generations.

I am an artist of whispers, of unearthed memories, of reimagined landscapes. I am a conjurer of the unseen, a sculptor of lost narratives, and a storyteller for the silenced. Let me paint you a history in hues of truth, where no voice is left unheard, and no shadow forever hidden.


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